Fairly Unfair

Why is fair so fair, and unfair this dark?

Why is the lightest color, always allowed to leave behind the darkest of marks?

Why is Kali not the Goddess of Wealth, and Shiva the God of Creation?

Why can Lakshmi and Brahma be never seen worshipped as the forces behind Destruction?

Why are you so afraid of the night, and so fond of everything light?

When it is in the dark that you get to sleep, and in the light- constantly put up your fight?

“Light is stronger than the dark”, you say.

“O, damn you,  damn you hypocrites”, I say!

Why then, why then in a world driven by patriarchy-

Have you attached the darker shades of hue to that of masculinity?

Be not satisfied with the plain white salt , neither be, with just the dark spices of life.

But beyond the blended greyness of black and white,

Do be reminded of the dawn and dusks, that exist beyond the realms of both day and night.

Be reminded of the orange, red, crimson colours that get scattered up, daily in the skies.

And in doing so, be reminded that in each GaurI, ShIva, KaalI, and LakshmI-s

There is, and will always be, an existence of several I- s.


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